• CD/DVD/Game Disk Repair: $3 per disk. 
  • Glock sight installation

  • Jewelry Cleaning
All loans from A Pawn & Cash Inc. are for an initial period of 30 days.  We offer a 15 day grace period.  If no payment is made to extend or repay the loan within this 45 day period the item will become the property of A Pawn & Cash.

Items Accepted for Pawn
Below are some examples of items we may accept.  This is not a comprehensive list, please always feel free to ask about the unknown.  All items must be in good, clean, working condition. All serial numbers and identifying decals must be present and unaltered. 
  • Gold, silver, or platinum jewelry
  • Broken jewelry is always welcome.
  • TV's with digital tuner
  • DVD players
  • Game systems
  • Home stereo equipment
  • Cameras 10 megapixel or higher
  • Newer Camcorders with cords and AV wires

  • Desktop and laptop computers
Musical Instruments
  • Flutes, clarinets, guitars, keyboards, drums, etc.
Power Tools
  • Makita, Dewalt, Porter-Cable, Craftsman, Snap-On, Blue Point, etc.
  • We also accept quality hand tools made by Craftsman, Snap-On, Blue-Point and MAC.
  • Please make sure they are unloaded before bringing them to the store.

Everything we make a loan on is tested for authenticity and functionality.  This means we must require all parts to every item.  Examples: cords to connect the game system to the TV, remotes to DVD players, chargers for items that require one  
Additional Services
Phone 540-953-Cash (540-953-2274)